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The next few posts will be primarily about our trip to Ohio. However, I am back in Baltimore with the P⋅A⋅X and associated equipment. Everything seems to have survived the trip OK, but I have only just begun unpacking.

Friday afternoon, Theresa and I packed up every tool I thought we would possibly need, fed the cats double rations and started the first leg of our journey. We left Baltimore at about 5:30, had dinner in Morgantown, WV around 9:00 and were in Washington, PA for the night just after 10:00 PM.

The next morning, after breakfast we set out for Columbus, OH to visit some friends who were gracious enough to join us (and drive!) for the final leg to Cincinnati.

We picked up the rental truck at just after 4:00 in the afternoon on Saturday and after a bit of shopping at Home Depot for packing materials, we got to Bert’s warehouse around 5:00. In retrospect, we should have gotten there sooner as the disassembly and packing took about four hours. This was probably because we spent a lot of time exporing the old building and looking at antique cars and boats and 100 years of manufacturing artefacts instead of what we were supposed to be doing.

Sunday morning saw another free hotel breakfast and our return to Columbus to get Theresa’s car and set off for home. We left Columbus at 12:30 and got back to Baltimore just a little before 11:00 PM. The return trip was much slower and had a few more pitstops than the outbound portion.

Loading in the dark Fig. 1: Loading in the dark